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Green Claims Directive Explained: From Green-washing to Greenhushing


Consumers are faced with a range of claims about the environmental performance of products, but without specific EU legislation, the reliability, comparability and verification of these claims across the EU remains uncertain. 

In response to this challenge, on 22 March 2023, the European Commission presented a proposal for a directive on green claims. This directive aims to require companies to substantiate their voluntary environmental claims to consumers by meeting a number of criteria, such as conducting comprehensive life cycle assessments, to ensure that the claims are based on sound environmental performance.

In this webinar, our expert will provide a clear understanding of what the Green Claims Directive means for businesses and discuss points such as:

  • The purpose and objectives of the Green Claims Directive
  • The key measures included in the Directive
  • The rollout timeline for implementation and what it means for businesses
  • The practicalities - from meeting the requirements of the Directive to the impact on marketing strategies

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how the proposed Directive would set detailed rules on substantiating and communicating explicit environmental claims about products, in business-to-consumer commercial practices.


About the Speaker


Laura Scherer

Founder of Circu:Culture and Recycling Consultant

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