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The Role of Waste Sorting in the Circular Economy


Throughout the European Union, there are a range of methods in which waste is sorted, legislated and regulated. From stringent guidelines to detailed symbols on packaging, the manner in which waste is managed and sorted can vary country to country. With the rise of legislation and the push for more sustainable practices, the way waste sorting and recycling are approached can have a major impact on how a business operates and how they may fare in the future.

This webinar is designed to be a panel discussion.  The present status of waste sorting in the EU will be analysed and its future in relation to that of a circular economy will be discussed through a variety of perspectives.  

During the webinar, the following areas - and more - will be touched upon:

  • What is the relationship between consumers and businesses and their respective roles in the waste sorting processes?
  • What is the future of sorting?
  • Why are we sorting?
  • What is the correct level of sorting?


About the Speakers


Niels Toftegaard

Head of Communications, Dansk Affaldsforening


Jörn Klingenberg

Digital Logistics Project Manager, Berlin Recycling


Alisa Pritchard

Head of Marketing, Greyparrot


Gary Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder, Resourcify

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