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More Time for Sustainability: Smart Recycling at Fraport AG


How Fraport AG digitally navigates and sustainably optimises the complex waste disposal system at Frankfurt Airport with just a few clicks.

Over 450 companies are operating within the approximately 26 square kilometre site of Frankfurt airport. One of them is Fraport AG, which is responsible for all waste management among other things. Every year, approximately 20,000 tonnes of waste are produced, comprising 140 different types of waste, including around 2,500 tonnes of hazardous materials. The high level of manual and time-consuming work involved in order processing and documentation in particular prompted the Fraport AG team to digitalise its entire waste disposal management. The cooperation with Resourcify started in January 2021. 

"The software gave us the data transparency we needed to analyse our waste streams in detail. This enabled us to uncover new sources of recyclables and untapped potential for their revenue, but also to optimise container sizes and collection intervals to save costs."

Erik Balmes, Head of Infrastructure Services

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