Meetup Recording

Taking out the Trash

Who’s responsible for proper waste treatment – industry, politics or consumers?

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Did you miss our meetup in Hamburg? Then this is your chance to listen to the recording of the panel talk!

In this episode of The Circular Hour, our two experts Laura Scherer (Circu:Culture) and Caro Marx (bonprix) discuss:

  • How businesses can contribute to responsible waste management and  better align with circular principles?
  • What role government policies and regulations should play in  in promoting the circular economy and waste management and  how can they incentivize responsible practices in the industry?
  • How industry, politics and consumers can work together for a more sustainable future in waste management?

The discussion touches on various aspects of the issue, such as value chains, political instruments and economic incentives.

About The Circular Hour

The Circular Hour is a series of meetups that aims to bring together sustainability experts and enthusiasts from different industries to share insights and best practices.

Each event is a features two speakers with recognised expertise in their specific area in a moderated one-hour panel discussion. The idea behind these sessions is to foster learning, enable networking and to be inspired by peers.

Our Speakers

Laura Scherer

Founder and consultant for international operational waste and recyclables' management


Caro Marx

Corporate Responsibility Manager with focus on Circularity and Sustainable Products at bonprix


Access the recording of our meetup now