Resourcify Sustainability Index Report 2023


Recycle, Reduce, Report: How has the DAX performed in terms of circularity?

We looked at the sustainability figures for DAX companies last year, which means that this year we are looking at developments for the first time. In order to collect reliable figures in this context, we examined the annual and sustainability reports of Germany's 40 largest companies once again. The result is the Resourcify Sustainability Index Report 2023.

The Key Findings of the Report:

  • On average, Germany's largest companies recycle 69% of their generated waste, an increase of 13% compared to last year.
  • 25% of the DAX companies still do not provide any information about their waste in the reports we have analysed or when asked.
  • "Circular economy" is the most frequently used buzzword around circularity in annual reports, overtaking "recycling" as the most frequent buzzword in 2022.
  • RWE (4,542,000 t), BASF (2,200,000 t) and Bayer (1,038,000 t) produce the most waste and have low to medium recycling rates (16%, 47% and 54% respectively).

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