The Circular Economy

Part 1: Factors Contributing to Waste in the EU


The European Union generates over 2 billion tonnes of waste annually – just over 30% of this ends up in landfills each year.

However, there  are only a finite number of resources available. With this in mind, the current method in which the EU operates is unsustainable and needs to be adapted. 

One solution that is advantageous for all is the transition into a circular economy. Nevertheless, the reasoning behind such a push cannot be truly understood without first examining the factors at play in the current economic system. One of them is waste.  

This guide serves as part one of an upcoming two-part series on the circular economy and highlights not only how the EU got to where it is now, but also provides invaluable insight into what companies can do moving forward. 

In this guide, the following topics are explored and examined:

  • Population growth and consumer habits within the European Union
  • The ways in which businesses currently operate and why
  • The design of the current economic model in relation to waste management

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