The Circular Economy: Rethinking Retail for a Sustainable Future

From RECUP to IKEA: How Start-Ups and Big Companies Make the Move from a Linear to a Circular Business Model


Implementing and embracing sustainable practices is of paramount significance to the health of both the environment and the economy. Sustainability is also the cornerstone upon which businesses, including retailers, must develop their strategies for the future.
Given that both consumers and governments are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues and the impact of business on these issues, there is a growing movement to be greener in practice and to transition from the current linear economy to a circular one. 
Regardless of where the push comes from, the demand for a circular economy is growing. This guide explores the circular economy in the context of retail, providing tips and examples on how retailers can use circularity to drive both sustainability and profitability. Key topics include:

  • What are the various benefits associated with a circular economy?
  • How can retail adapt to a circular economy
  • Can circularity ultimately be achieved? 

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